Noble Home rises to the challenge of humane architecture, appropriate design, modern living, and always treads lightly no matter your location, climate, budget or technical skill. If you haven’t yet, you may click here to download our complete guide.

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If interested in pursuing a Noble Home design and purchase, here is a brief overview of the process:

  • Preliminary Quote: Provided to you based on your requirements submitted via the website contact form or Quote Form.
  • Sketch Service (optional, see example below):  A deposit on the kit is required before beginning the preliminary design phase (see below). Our sketch service provides you with a unique Noble Home design to match your requirements and building site without the commitment of purchasing a Noble Home. Cost: hourly design fees, typically totals approximately $400. This cost is deducted from a future kit purchase.
  • Preliminary Design: We work with you through this phase to refine a design. It is up to you how involved you are in this proces, we're happy to have any degree of collaboration with you on the design. The preliminary design must be approved by you before continuing.
  • Construction Drawings (CDs): We will provide engineer-certified drawings specific to your design. These are used for building permit acquisition and house construction and are guaranteed to meet local building codes. Cost: Design and CDs are approximately 10% of Quote. This holds a position in our production schedule as well. This phase may take 6-12 weeks.


After you approve the CDs, we will send you a Kit Purchase Agreement including a guaranteed kit purchase price, a list of all components included in the kit, and an estimated delivery date. 

  • Commence Kit Production:  after the agreement is executed and we received your first 1/3 payment for the actual kit. The production may take 8-12 weeks. We will send an invoice for the second 1/3 payment during our production and your personalized Assembly Handbook.
  • Completion: We will send you a shipping invoice, and an invoice for the remainder 1/3 of the kit purchase, due prior to the truck leaving our facility.
  • Delivery The kit will be delivered to you in one or more trucks as needed.

Sample Sketch

Perspective Sketch 


Floor Plan