The Joyful Solitude of Saga Solo Holidays: Iceland, Japan, New Zealand

Solo travel has a unique charm that’s difficult to explain until you’ve experienced it yourself. It’s an invigorating fusion of freedom, self-discovery, and the sheer delight of witnessing the world at your own pace. From the enchanting ice fields of Iceland to the Zen gardens of Japan and New Zealand’s adrenaline-filled valleys, solo travel can be a collection of moments that resonate deeply within one’s soul. Here’s a look at how the saga of my solo holidays in these countries unravelled into stories I will cherish forever.

Iceland: A Tranquil Journey Through Nature’s Masterpieces

Iceland, often termed the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, is an unparalleled destination for the seeker of solitude. It was here, wandering through vast volcanic landscapes, that my saga began.

The allure of Iceland can’t be overstated; from the moment I set foot on this sparsely populated land, I felt as though I’d stepped into another world. I remember driving along the Golden Circle, where the Strokkur geyser’s mighty spray and the thundering cascade of Gullfoss falls were my only companions. Time seemed irrelevant as I sat mesmerised by the force of nature.

But it was not all about titanic clashes of earth and sky. In the quiet corners of Reykjavik, I found cosy bookshops and warm coffee that offered a silent camaraderie. Iceland taught me the beauty of quietness, how to be comfortable with my thoughts, and relish the peace that comes from being truly alone, yet deeply connected to the world.

Japan: A Symphony of Chaos and Calm

Japan was a different saga altogether. If Iceland was the quiet prelude, Japan struck like a crescendo of human energy and vibrant culture. Tokyo’s neon-lit streets were a dance of chaos and life. Solo travel here meant being swept away in a sea of people, yet finding serene solitude amidst the bustle.

Exploring areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, I delighted in the anonymity that came with the crowd. I sought out alleyway restaurants where locals enjoyed after-work drinks, joined them, and felt a part of something larger. Yet, when I sought serenity, the temples of Kyoto provided refuge. There I would sit in quiet contemplation, the scent of incense a balm to the overstimulated traveller.

In Osaka, the charm was in the street food that appeared to reflect the emotions of the city through taste — from delicate takoyaki to soulful okonomiyaki. Each flavour was an intimate discovery uncovered in solitude; a feast not just for the taste buds but for the spirit too.

New Zealand: An Adventure of the Self

The final chapter of my solo travel saga unfolded on New Zealand’s South Island. Known for its jaw-dropping landscapes and adventure sports, it was here that I pushed my boundaries, leaping into the unknown — both literally and metaphorically.

Queenstown, the thrill-seeker’s paradise, offered new meanings to solo adventure. Bungee jumping off the historic Kawarau Bridge was beyond exhilarating; the rush of adrenaline was like a loud affirmation of my capacity to overcome fears when there’s no one to hold your hand.

More than the thrill, New Zealand’s wilderness was a silent teacher. Hiking through Fiordland National Park, every winding track and hidden valley seemed like a metaphor for life’s unpredictable pathways. I found silence and adventure in equal measure, and each day ended with a sense of triumph and tranquillity that only solitude could afford.


Saga solo holidays are anything but lonely. They are vivid narratives of self-exploration, wrought in the landscapes, cultures, and people you momentarily weave your life with. They are the tales of inner conversations in Iceland’s stillness, feeling the heartbeat of Japan in its tight-knit circles, and facing the echoing adventure that resounds in New Zealand’s valleys.

Solo travel is a space where the mundane becomes significant, and every encounter, meal, and landmark becomes etched in the narrative of your life. It is in these sagas that we uncover pieces of ourselves we never knew existed, and there is a profound joy in that discovery. This is the enchantment of solo travel, and it beckons every curious soul to take that first step into an unknown land and an unknown part of themselves.